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Your ultimate companion for seamless travel on Indian highways.

With our mobile app, discover and avail services from physically verified establishments like restaurants, lodges, service centers, and medical stores. Download the app, input your travel route, and explore a comprehensive list of establishments along the way. From dining options to accommodations, vehicle services, and medical supplies, we've got you covered.

Say goodbye to uncertainty. Pre-book services directly through our platform using online payment options, saving you time and ensuring a smooth travel experience.

Join our community of travellers who rely on us to enhance their highway journeys. Redefine the way you travel in India. Download our app today and unlock convenience, reliability, and memorable experiences on Indian highways. Your trusted travel companion on Indian roads.

Our mission

“Our mission is to connect commuters, verified restaurants, and travel partners on a technology platform for an improved dining experience on highways. We focus on offering quality establishments, standardized services, and a digital and cashless experience. Through innovation, we aim to enhance customer satisfaction, increase revenue for partners, and optimize the overall travel experience”

Our vision

“To revolutionize highway travel by offering a seamless and standardized dining solution, allowing commuters to enjoy their preferred meals on the go”

Our leadership


On the mission of solving highway dining experience, we are trusted by industry leaders & VC firms to deliver best-in-class solutions to the commuters
Sharad Agarwal investor
Sharad Agarwal
Neeraj Tulsyan investor
Neeraj Tulsyan
Navneet Sharma investor
Navneet Sharma
Atin Tomar investor
Atin Tomar
RS Rajagopalan investor
RS Rajagopalan
Amol Herlekar investor
Amol Herlekar
Mayank Bishnoi investor
Mayank Bishnoi
Anand Vengurlekar investor
Anand Vengurlekar