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Got some food

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Explore the unexplored possibilities to treat your taste buds, just in 3 steps
Let us know your preferences
Preferences keep changing while travelling with family, friends or alone
Get a curated list of restaurant
We deliver a standard experience across all restaurants, It's physically verified before listing
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Cashless pre-booking, helps our partners to delight your taste buds & saves time

We are fueled with love

Meals of our choice while travelling give the utmost satisfaction
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Yes, just reach the restaurant, and your meals is waiting for you. No more 'Bhaiya order lelo please'
Rakesh mishara
Traveler, Goa
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Pre-book your food
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Manage your food while travelling
with our amazing app
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Establishment Owners

Are you establishment

Running a restaurant, lodge, service station or medical shop on the highway.
Unlock the growth opportunity with us:

Growth in revenue

By getting maximum orders from travellers with higher order values before arrival at the restaurant

Increase in visibility

We create a digital presence across travellers on the routes to create awareness about your service offerings

Saves time & resources

Pre-booking of meals, enables our partners to serve commuters in a better way without any rush

Better capacity planning

Predictability of demand at restaurants ensures the right capacity planning to service commuters smoothly

Get onboard in just 3 steps

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Our team would connect within 24hrs to complete formalities
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Quick onboarding assessment
Get approval post physical verification along with onboarding kit & customised dashboard.
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Get listed with us
Start offering cashless service to travellers with pre-booking options
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On the mission of solving highway dining experience, we are trusted by industry leaders & VC firms to deliver best-in-class solutions to the commuters
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Sharad Agarwal
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